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Maya from Surrey
July 2021

Maya is an excellent Babysitter! She is punctual and responsible and follows directions well. My kids had a great time with her and liste...

Neeta from Surrey
July 2021

Super sweet, loved babysitting her boys they were so well behaved would love to work with her family again!

Junior from Brampton
July 2021

This family is really fantastic and authentic. Communication was smooth, quick and very professional. I really enjoyed working with them...

Ariel from Brampton
July 2021

Ariel is gentle spirited and responsible. She is professional and careful about my sons needs. We are so pleased to have her as his full...

M from Montreal
July 2021

Oluwakemi from Calgary
July 2021

Oluwakemi was very helpful and communicative! I was given a schedule and told where everything was. I enjoyed the children's company, the...

Mileah from Calgary
July 2021

My kids had a great time with her. She is very friendly and seems to love kids.

Vanessa from Whitby
July 2021

My children had a great time with her. She was professional, punctual and easy to deal with.

Haliyat from Calgary
July 2021

She's really good with kids, and quite punctual. She did great in babysitting my kids. I'll recommend her

Anna from Toronto
June 2021

Anna’s family is amazing! I absolutely enjoy working with her little one Oscar. He’s energetic, loving and loves to play. They are a lovi...

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