Writing a babysitter ad

Writing a babysitter ad

By Babysits, 3 min read

On Babysits you can create a profile with all the necessary information that a family looks for in a babysitter. However, it is important to pay close attention to the "Motivation and experience" section.

It often happens that parents pay a lot of attention to the motivation section because it is where they can learn the most about the babysitters. If it is too long, the parent may only read the first few lines. If, on the other hand, it is too short, it risks not providing enough information. It is therefore necessary to find a happy medium that explains concisely who you are, what you do and what you offer.

Put yourself in the shoes of a mom or dad. Most of their ads are specific, such as: "I'm looking for a babysitter who can pick up my son every day by car from school". What is the first thing that catches your eye?

  • Every day
  • Babysitter with a car

They are therefore looking for someone with a driver's license and who is available almost every day. If for example there are specific things that you can offer to families it is good to specify it immediately.

You should treat it like an important job announcement even if it does not require much experience or qualification;

You are still working with children and as a parent it is very important to be careful about who they choose for their child.

So how do you become the best candidate?

What you must not miss:

  • First introduce yourself by specifying your name and who you are. Are you looking for a job as a babysitter, nanny or educator?

  • Specify if you have already had experience with children or with babysitting. This gives you more points because you can always ask the people you've worked with in the past to give you a reference.

  • Specify what you can offer: different languages, a driving license, first aid certificate, remote babysitting, etc. It is always better to anticipate the needs of a family by offering them your skills.

  • Availability. It is good to be flexible, but if you have commitments that cannot be extended it is good to specify it. However, write the actual availabilities, such as "I'm available every morning to pick up your children at school,'' instead of "I'm not available in the afternoons".

What to avoid

  • Try to avoid phrases such as "I seek work urgently". Although your request is sincere, it is often discarded as a priority. For example, write "I have a lot of free time to spend with your children, I can easily meet your needs."

  • If you don't have any experience with children, don't say it specifically. If you have looked after younger brothers or cousins for example, it is still good. Otherwise, refer to how important caring for children is.

  • Don't lie because the lies will lead to disaster. For example, if you do not have a car, write that you have your driving license or that walking is not a problem for you. Try to be honest as much as possible.

Here is an infographic that summarizes what to write and what not to write in the announcement. how to write a Babysitter description

These are small tricks that help you get more visibility. Try to be brief and concise but above all yourself. Furthermore, if you seek work as a babysitter on Babysits, you can increase the possibility of being contacted by using the badge system.