Babysits Meals: Preparing HelloFresh for Kids

Babysits Meals: Preparing HelloFresh for Kids

By Babysits, 5 min read

Babysits has recently partnered with HelloFresh CA to help parents and babysitters prepare quick and easy, balanced meals. Learn more about our experience with HelloFresh and try some great activities for kids we created too!

Here at Babysits, we know it takes a lot of time to prepare a comprehensive and nutritious meal for children. Not to mention, we do not always have the time to go grocery shopping and prepare meals for our kids before leaving them with their babysitter.

But not to worry! In the effort to support families, Babysits has recently partnered with HelloFresh CA to help parents and babysitters prepare quick and easy, balanced meals. Before leaving the house - whether it’s in the morning, afternoon or evening - let your babysitter know that there is a HelloFresh meal box in the fridge for when the kids get hungry. Now you can leave your children confidently, knowing your babysitter has a stocked fridge with step-by-step instructions.

HelloFresh Box

What we realized:

Cooking with children requires you to practice your multitasking skills! So we created additional materials to help babysitters and parents concentrate while kids are in the kitchen. The activities complement HelloFresh meals and will help keep the kids entertained (and out of your hair!).

It is important that parents come home to a clean kitchen and to children who’ve been fed a healthy meal. This is why we highly recommend babysitters use our kitchen clean-up sheet for meals they prepare at the family’s house.

Without so much as a trip to the supermarket, your babysitter already has all the supplies needed to prepare a balanced meal for your children with fresh ingredients. We have tried a HelloFresh meal box ourselves and highly recommend it!

Our Experience With HelloFresh

Our experience with the meal box was fantastic! We were able to sample three different meals, which provided quite some variety in flavour already, and with a HelloFresh subscription you’re able to select meals ahead of time from up to 22 different recipes!

HelloFresh Recipe HelloFresh Pasta Recipe HelloFresh Soup Recipe

This provides plenty of options for choosing your favourite flavours and cuisines with options that the whole family finds delicious.

Kids can sometimes be picky eaters, but we found the variety a great way to find balance in your diet, let the kids get involved in helping pick out some recipes, and even expose them to new tastes and types of food! There are even meals specifically designed with kids in mind.

The recipes can transport you to the other side of the world, letting you experience other cultures through food. For example, you can take a stroll by Machu Picchu with One-pot Peruvian Chili or enjoy the sun in Athens with Greek Lemon Chicken!

HelloFresh Chili Gif

Alongside the wealth of choice regarding meals, we were also really happy to see that the preparation was just as quick and simple as it appeared!

From the three meals we prepared, it took on average just more than half an hour each to prepare, from start to finish.

The steps and instructions were straightforward and uncomplicated, and didn’t require you to be a professional chef to follow. In fact, with most, it would be quite simple to find little tasks to get the kids involved in the preparation, depending on their age.

For those who’d prefer not to get the children involved with cooking, we’ve also created these handy activity sheets, to keep the kids busy while dinner is being prepared!

HelloFresh x Babysits Kids Activity Sheets

Check out our word searches and kitchen clean up guide, to help entertain the kids while cooking and help get them involved in cleaning up afterwards!

HelloFresh Kids Activity Word Search

HelloFresh Babysits Kids Kitchen Cleanup

In addition to this, HelloFresh was gracious enough to offer our users an $80 off discount, including free shipping!

This offers a discount of $40 off the first box + free shipping (a $9.99 value), $20 off second, $10 off 3rd and $10 off 4th so that you can enjoy discount over your first 4 boxes!

And the offer is valid through July 2021! Simply use the code: HFBABYSITS80 to receive the discount.

HelloFresh Discount