Stories from the Babysits community

Babysits has changed the rules of the game! Before Babysits I had one regular babysitter that I pretty much relied on for taking care of my child when I couldn't be home myself. Babysits has now removed that reliance for me so that it isn't a catastrophe anymore if a babysitter cancels on me at the last minute, as I can just hop online and find a replacement in no time! It's easy as pie!

Anna, Ottawa

I simply love Babysits - it's so easy to use and lets me contact potential babysitters directly and efficiently without having to go through the hassle of trying find babysitters through my own network. Now, I have an overview of all of the babysitters in my area at the click of a mouse. So simple!

Victoria, Vancouver

I am pleased to say that with Babysits, I have found myself some great babysitting families that I regularly babysit for. All I had to do was create a free profile to contact parents, but most of the parents that I babysit for contacted me first, so it was a very laid-back process. What's more is that the families all live in my area so it takes no time at all for me to get to their homes and back!

Jessica, Calgary

With Babysits, it's so easy to find interesting babysitting jobs in my area. Since I can filter my preferences, I don't have to worry about making commitments that I can't keep. It's also nice to be able to read through parents' profiles without having to contact them first so that I can easily parse out the families that I actually want to work.

Leah, Edmonton