Babysitter rate in Canada

Babysitter rate in Canada

By Babysits
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It is almost time, you have planned a well-deserved evening with your friends and found a responsible babysitter to look after your children. They are enthusiastic, live in the neighborhood and are available that evening. You only have to decide how much to pay the babysitter per hour, but how much are you going to offer? What does the average Canadian babysitter actually get paid? We have sorted this out just for you!

In Canada, a babysitter is paid on average $14.20 per hour per child. In Quebec City, the average babysitter rate is the lowest at $13.58 per hour. In Calgary, babysitting earns the most on average at $14.45 per hour. This means that the average rates between the 6 cities differ little, only a difference of $0.87 between the highest and lowest rates.

Keep in mind that this is the average hourly rate. It is important that you also take other factors into account when agreeing an hourly rate with the babysitter. For example, babysitting usually requires a higher rate if they also have to do other tasks, such as cooking or small household chores. Furthermore, younger babysitters are often paid a little less than experienced babysitters.

Curious how much an average babysitter is paid per hour in your area? Then take a look at the infographic below! How much to pay a babysitter in Canada