What it Means to Be a Dad

What it Means to Be a Dad

By Babysits, 4 min read

Father's Day is a special day and we’d like to give some extra love to our supporting and caring fathers and father-figures.

For Father’s Day last year, we talked about the typical dad stereotypes but also the ways in which their role is changing in modern families. Despite the stereotypes, dads can be very caring, reliable and attentive. To better understand what dads feel and experience, we asked 10 dads from around the world one question: “What makes being a dad so special for you?”. Their responses might surprise you!

Being a dad be like

Dad from England - “Being a father is a life task that you usually voluntarily undertake yourself. Here you can put all your love, care and joy into what makes you a happy person. And being a dad also makes you very proud.”

Dad from France - “It demands accountability and responsibility, you need to know how to make the right decisions. It’s not about you anymore, it’s about your child. I'm proud to be a dad. You learn every single day. You’re happy about it because you created this human being.”

Dad from North America - “For me it was, and is, the teaching and guiding my children how to navigate this world successfully. The bonus for me is seeing how well my children are navigating and succeeding in their lives.”

Dad from The Netherlands - “Being a dad is choosing values and norms and trying to pass them on as well as possible.”

Dad from New Zealand - "Raising your kids no matter what they are becoming through the years. Build their character by doing spooky pranks to them. Watch them grow and become this responsible adult. Accept to let go on them and encourage them to experience the world without you, to make it their own."

Fathers Day 2020

Dad from Australia - “Being a dad is special to me for the love it puts into my life, the purpose it gives me, and the joy of seeing love, nurture and guidance grow a beautiful person to call your own.”

Dad from The Netherlands - “As a dad, you give a lot of love, but you even receive more love back from your little ones.”

Dad from Italy - "Keep improving yourself together with your future generation.”

Dad from Belgium - “Being a dad makes you re-discover life, from growing up to being an adult.”

Dad from Finland - "To get to do and experience small things in life with my daughter... for example, I learned horseback riding just to go to the stables with my girl."

Father reading for his child

Without a doubt, dads have a lot of love for their children. Interestingly, our quotes from dads show that they hold themselves accountable for their children’s future, and feel a great deal of responsibility to ensure their children are healthy, happy and doing well in life. We can also see that dads find a lot of purpose in being a father, and that they’re very proud to be called dad!

We know that dads play such an important role in our lives (a role that is often undermined!). So, if you’re looking to give him some time off to enjoy all to himself, why not organise a babysitter to take over for the day? You can search for babysitters in your area to find the perfect sitter for your family.

We really want to thank all of the supporting and caring fathers around the world and we wish you a Happy Fathers’ Day!

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