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21 yearsold

Hello, I'm Brooke!

Hi! My name Brooke
I'm 20years old
I enjoy working with kids and find it to be extremely rewarding experience and such a blast. I feel I have all the necessary qualities that make a good babysitter. I make sure that when I'm working I take great care of children safety.

I am multi-skilled and happy to teach your children and help with homework during the time I spend with them. I am also happy to tidy up after them and cook for them. I have a friendly approachable approach but I tend to keep my authority by making it clear what is not good behaviour. I am myself very respectful to your home and house rules while I'm working.

I hope that you would like to meet with me so that you can see if I am approachable fit to to baby sit your children.

Languages ​​in which I can babysit

  • English


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About myself as a babysitter

Gender Female
Smokes Yes
Has children No
Driver's license No
Age 21
Experience with babysitting no experience
Preferred babysitting location At the family




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City Babysitter Welland (L3B 5)
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