Hello, I'm Jahnyah!

nice to meet you, im jahnyah the oldest in my family. i have a lot of baby sitting experience from taking care of my young siblings and baby cousins as well as doing volenteer work at a daycare during summer time since i was 10 years old. im a very creative and talented artist and writer who'll not only be able to care for their needs but also entertain your child while you're away. i get...

Languages ​​in which I can babysit

  • English


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About myself as a babysitter

Gender Female
Smokes No
Has children No
Driver's license No
Car No
Age 15
Experience with babysitting 4 - 5 years
Experience with age(s)
  • Toddler
  • Preschooler
  • Gradeschooler
Preferred babysitting location No preference


Member since January 2018
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City Babysitter LaSalle (Quebec) (H8P 2)
Province/region Montréal, Quebec

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